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Subpico CAT Internet Security Appliance as seen at the Auckland Home Show


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CAT is a WAN telecommunications device and takes a diffferent approach, working outside the traditional LAN network. CAT is the only product of its kind in the world, providing cyber security directly in the Public IP network (Internet).

As a consumer, these are the benefits our product has to you...


Unlike other security systems, CAT cleans the internet coming into your home or business and stops private information being taken out.


By removing internet pests before they enter your home , CAT makes your internet experience smoother and more enjoyable.


Tested by the best third party security experts in the world. Subpico CAT gets the top result when put through the most comprehensive tests, outperforming all other security systems.


We are proven 100% secure in the field since 2005. A security system can only provide full protection if it is itself 100% secure. Subpico technology has been proven unhackable in two worldwide competitions.


Client Comments

Find out what users of the Subpico CAT Internet Security Appliance are saying...

  • CAT is highly recommended, we have a couple at home and office to secure our online connections.

    CAT does what it says and no problems ever since.

    Stuart Pritchard
  • Our home and business receives total internet security with CAT, and our internet is faster too.

    We don't hesitate to tell our customers to google and trust its content.

    Mike and Shannon Broad
  • We have installed a subpico-Cat device weeks ago and are pleased to report that we have not experienced any harmful applications and we have also experienced an increase in internet speed of 12-15% as an added bonus as well.

    The recent installation of an automatic updating feature is also more efficient and comforting that this will take place automatically.

    The installation and service to date has been excellent.

    Mike Olsen
  • CAT is the best protection for small businesses like us that need to use the internet without the headaches. We can get and keep our computers and data safe and clean.
    Dave Sinclair
  • Security is very important to us and we looked for a product to provide security for our network and online business.  With CAT we can get on with our business risk free. I have a background in telecommunications and have analysed this product in detail. CAT is very fast, secure and we are very happy - great investment to anyone looking for proper online security.
    Dai Nguyen