100% Secure

A security system can only provide full protection if it is itself 100% secure

Subpico technology was tested in a global hacking competition run by Concise Courses and open to ALL hackers worldwide in 2015. There was a heavy onslaught of attacks but none could penetrate Subpico's unique defence.

Just to prove this wasn't luck, Subpico held a second worldwide competition in 2017.

Again Subpico remained impenetrable and 100% secure despite sustained diverse attacks from all over the world.

Comments from Concise Courses

"We’ve been blogging on InfoSec/ Cyber matters since 2012 and never have we mentioned that anything (hardware or otherwise) is 100% safe from a security perspective, and that makes us very excited about this competition!"

"...The folk behind TFE SubPico maintain that their computing services offer unique cyber security safety features, and, point in case, they have been used for years in government agencies without incident."


Frequently asked questions

1How can I test if my network is safe?
You can test whether your network is safe and reliable by performing an online penetration test with a reputable site. We have a few examples of these on our Security Page under Test Tools. There are a variety of penetration tools out there, some are free and some require a subscription. We recommend you have Windows Defender running, or something similar, when you run any security test.
2What is the difference between bandwidth and speed?
Imagine your internet connection as a water pipe. The amount of water (data) you can push through your pipe is the same as bandwidth. Speed is the rate of flow of data through this pipe. The optimum is where you have the most speed and the most bandwidth. Typically speed will be determined by your connection. Bandwidth can be improved by CAT removing your pest traffic which would otherwise be stealing it. CAT acts like a filter so only your data is filling up the bandwidth.
3Do I need to reset CAT if there is a power cut?
No, CAT automatically resets itself when power is applied.
4Is there support if I'm not sure of something?
You can call the number at the bottom of our website if you need help with CAT.
5Are there any annual registration fees?
At this stage, Subpico CAT has no ongoing registration fee. You pay once and CAT automatically updates daily.
6Does CAT prevent or identify threats?
CAT instantly removes threats before they reach your network. Also, CAT can give a record of these dropped threats if required. Access to this internal reporting can only be retrieved through your CAT, and is not passed though the internet.
7What networks does CAT support?
We support all networks. Being a specialised telecommunications device, Subpico CAT can operate effectively on any WAN network including ADSL2+, VDSL, 10GFibre, Cable Broadband and 3G, 4G/LTE and GSM.
8How does it work?

The network ports on CAT carry traffic to clean. These ports work outside of the operating system for speed and security. Cleaning this traffic is a combination of both firmware and software processing. Traffic is mapped directly onto CPU and memory buses for pipelined and optimized processing. It is important to understand that these ports have no IP address or OS and therefore cannot be used to create or terminate IP traffic. Software signatures are optimized with hyperscan technology, and are updated daily. Firmware memory for direct hardware access are locally maintained with security hashes. In this way, Subpico CAT effectively works as a high speed switch between ports with hardware optimised processing. CAT requires access to a DHCP server or router for updates.

As explained above, CAT cleans internet traffic but has no direct access to the internet. All traffic must go through the cleaning process including signature updates, no exceptions.

Subpico CAT is the only security solution in the world that cannot be 'fingerprinted'.

9Can we connect a network switch on a CAT port?
Yes, however this may circumvent the security provided by CAT on a per port basis. If a host is infected, it may spread via the switch. It is recommended some planning of devices be made before connecting. Our typical architecture for SME is to connect the internal wi-fi LAN router to one port, and the cable LAN to another port on CAT. In this way, mobile devices moving in and out of the network (such as laptops, phones etc.) can be quarantined to a security segment/port on CAT.


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Client comments

Find out what users of the Subpico CAT Internet Security Appliance are saying...

  • CAT is highly recommended, we have a couple at home and office to secure our online connections.

    CAT does what it says and no problems ever since.

    Stuart Pritchard
  • Our home and business receives total internet security with CAT, and our internet is faster too.

    We don't hesitate to tell our customers to google subpicocat.com and trust its content.

    Mike and Shannon Broad
  • We have installed a subpico-Cat device weeks ago and are pleased to report that we have not experienced any harmful applications and we have also experienced an increase in internet speed of 12-15% as an added bonus as well.

    The recent installation of an automatic updating feature is also more efficient and comforting that this will take place automatically.

    The installation and service to date has been excellent.

    Mike Olsen
  • CAT is the best protection for small businesses like us that need to use the internet without the headaches. We can get and keep our computers and data safe and clean.
    Dave Sinclair
  • Security is very important to us and we looked for a product to provide security for our network and online business.  With CAT we can get on with our business risk free. I have a background in telecommunications and have analysed this product in detail. CAT is very fast, secure and we are very happy - great investment to anyone looking for proper online security.
    Dai Nguyen